Well well, hello there! Look at you ~ bein' all cool, stoppin by to check me out and shiz! Aren't you just the darndest lil thang?! ;)

Hiyeee! Jen here (or Jenni, whatever floats your boat! Just don't call me Jennifer. It's too formal and I don't like it. Damnit! ☺), 25 y/o from good ol' Maryland. I've got a lot of crap on my plate right now that I really shouldn't have to eat! SNAP, that was good right??! Lol, really though, things are kinda (really) rough for me right now & I'm dealing with stuff that I really shouldn't be dealing with at my age (or any age for that matter), but I'm pessimistically optimistic.

I'm just being me while trying to get the hang this crazy world&life.. and all the good, the bad, the randomness, and all of the *super-wonderful* b.s. that comes along with it! And stuff. And things. And such.

Likes: funny (period.) ~ ew not like that! sarcasm, wit (preferably quick), writing, drawing, music/lyrics, finding a deeper meaning to/in things, long drives in the middle of nowhere, sunsets (NOT sunrises), scratch-offs, white pizza, bonfires, puzzles, lights, colors, and sparkly things. Oooo, ahhh ☺

Dislikes: Duh, same as anyone else! Liars, hypocrites, ignorance, hot sauce, when my nail polish chips (especially after painting them only 30 mins ago), cleaning out the litter box, mopping, my boyfriend's stinky feet, etc. Ya know, all the usual shtuff.

*ramble*ramble*blah*blah* ... DING! ☺

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The gorgeous view walking out of work! Wow. #sunset #beauty #nofilter #neonsunset #summersky #summer #clouds #beautiful #happy #sopretty #canyoudigit

#nails #nailpolish #nailart #art #colors #colours rainbows #rainbow #fun #beauty

Of course the sun hid as soon as i got to #blackrockmill. It was still a lovely day! #nature #clouds #country

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